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short break.

Image by S Migaj

Hop on your bus, hop on the train, put on your walking shoes or fly to the sea and join me on a 3-day getaway to the land of sonorous silence. We will travel to a location of your choice, accompanied by the singing bowl family, Mrs. Koshi, Mr. Ocean Drum and Sir Sansula. All you have to do is follow my voice, listen to the sounds and relax.
After we have arrived we can throw the backpack packed with worries, problems, stress and everything else in the corner and just enjoy. The volume of everyday life disappears and the gentle tones of the sounds invite you to relax and enjoy.
Now we celebrate ourselves and life with all its facets in a very special way. We give ears to sounds and legs to imagination. A pure party of self-love.

If you are interested, take a look at my current courses or write a mail for a private lesson or more information.

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