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What is meditation for me and what is not?

What is meditation for me?

Meditation is a playground of silence for me. Enjoy new discoveries, a symbiosis of energy and zest for life, between courage and truth. When it comes to meditation, people often think of images of Indian yogis that sit rigidly like a stone and apparently do nothing. This is what meditation can look like, but it doesn't have to. Even if an upright and relaxed meditation seat is a good prerequisite for meditation practice, it is more about the inner posture.

Everyone knows moments in life when people simply feel happy - without just getting or having achieved anything. The feeling of pure happiness simply to be in the here and now, without thoughts of the past or future, without any identification and evaluation. This can happen to you when listening to music if you close your eyes by yourself and you are suddenly music yourself and every sound touches you. During a conversation, your heart can simply open unexpectedly wide and the feelings of happiness jump around like wild. Or on vacation in the hammock, when your gaze captures something new, something unknown and you behave mindfully like a child: patient, curious and exploring. Now there is the challenge of making exactly this feeling of strength, love and trust accessible and integrating it into everyday life. Hello silence!

...And what is meditation not for me?

"But it doesn't work for me, I just can't turn off my head!" You don't have to turn off your head either and you don't have to compulsively try not to think about anything. Because meditation is about lovingly looking at your thoughts and inner processes but not sticking to them. "You have to go to a quiet place alone to meditate" You don't need that either.

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